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Baby Feeding Questions

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[Dec. 29th, 2005|09:42 pm]
Baby Feeding Questions


Hi everyone. I have been lurking and reading all the posts for a while now. I am 25 wks pregnant and have a few questions about breastfeeding.

I have flat nipples, and I was curious if anyone here had any experience with this. I really want to breastfeed and everyone keeps telling me not to get my hopes up because I may not be able to. For those of you that have experienced this, how common is it that I would not be able to breastfeed ? and What do I need to do now to help my chances ?

Thank you for any advice you can give me.

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[User Picture]From: perigune
2005-12-30 01:54 pm (UTC)
I've never had them. However, I've heard that you can still breastfeed--providing you're not high risk for miscarriage/preterm labor, there's something you can do now with nipple shields to help get the nipples to extend out. I don't know exactly what's involved, but La Leche League (http://www.laleche.org) should be able to help you. Check out their website or, even better, find a local meeting and go (you can attend them while pregnant).
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