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Poor Daddy.. [Jan. 16th, 2006|12:27 pm]
Baby Feeding Questions


I feel so horrible for Paul. Bella really just has issues with him! LOL He apparently does not have boobies like me, and .. well.. just isn't ME! LOL
Today I took a shower and Paul had her ( normal) and she was crying the entire time I was in the shower- approx 15 min. So when I came down I asked him if he changed her diaper- no.. so he did and she was wet, and she calmed down for a minute. Then started crying again. He bounced with her, tried different positions, checked her clothes, swaddled her.. nothing really helped. So I warmed up a bottle for him- but she was so far past upset she wouldn't take it. Even in the position I normally feed her. I stayed out of sight the entire time.
Now I know she can still smell me.. but.
What the heck do you do?! How do you transition a baby to a bottle from the breast, AND to a different person for a little bit? I feel TOTALLY guilty going back to work! I know Paul is worried too. I mean.. I really DONT want her to cry the entire time I am gone. We don't do the CIO method. Period. That is not ok in my house!

[User Picture]From: ercvt
2006-02-06 08:45 pm (UTC)
Things are going better now, but I am probably going to just be working PT instead. I went to work this last week, and it was pretty stressful for all of us. Plus we now have Thrush. YAY. She is taking a bottle, but I am not able to keep up a good supply.. or pump enough at work, We will see how things go.
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